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People around the world are facing a serious health challenge right now.

13 Dec



People around the world are facing a serious health challenge right now.
Our diet has become more and more processed food substitutes instead of real food. We’ve let the ad agencies convince us that things like chips, donuts, and candy are actually food. But these things are “fake food,” providing little or no actual nourishment.
What our bodies need is the sustenance we get from fruits, vegetables and nuts. But for most of us, the percentage of our diet that comes from these real foods is decreasing dramatically. Much of our diet today is now made up of food substitutes, frozen food, junk food, and fast food.
As a result, people aren’t getting the nutrition their bodies need to provide optimum health. So they crave more and eat more. But these empty calories provide fat, but not much nutrition. Our bodies are crying out for true nourishment.
Study after study showing that many over-the-counter vitamin and mineral supplements simply pass through your body – providing you with limited or even no nutrients.
The problem: Many of these pills, capsules and tablets contain synthetic nutrients, and often they are machine compressed with hundreds of pounds of pressure, so your body simply can’t assimilate the nutrition it needs from them.Agel’s innovative new gel packs make getting proper nutrition
easy, convenient, and fun..
Agel products are convenient and work for your busy lifestyle. Unlike pills or juices, the Agel gel packs are portable so you can take them everywhere.
Agel’s research into nutrient delivery led to the breakthrough of suspension gel technology.
There are three critical factors that influence the efficiency of any nutritional supplements that you take.
1) Properly timed ingestion.
2) Correct quantities of nutritional ingredients.
3) High bioavailability of the nutrients.
Agel gel packs accomplish all three of these factors. Through suspension gel technology, your vital nutrients can be taken anywhere, quickly and easily.
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Best wishes for your succes
Lene Jytte Hansen


13 Dec
Help Other People Evolve

Help Other People Evolve

I got this AWESOME interpretation of HOPE from my friend Ann Feinstein.

And she added this GREAT comment.

I completely agree with her, that this is “The WHY” we are doing what we are doing.

We are in the business of giving HOPE:

Helping Other People Evolve by extending our hand to making a difference in other people’s lives … to ask them about

What do YOU really want more of in your life? …


What do YOU really want less of in your life? …

and to actively listen to them pour out their hearts …

then show them how we can really help them to achieve that by supporting them and their decision every step of the way!

This may be the very first time that they actually believe there is real HOPE to fulfill their GAP!

Ann Feinstein

This is what we can offer, and in my oppinion one of the GREATEST OPPORTUNITIES we get in this lifetime to really make a difference, because we give this opportunity to people to take real charge of their own life.

Take this great message and spread some HOPE 🙂

Lene Jytte Hansen


8 Dec

You are special


First of all I want to make very clear that – YOU ARE SPECIAL! WHY?

Because YOU are the only one that can BE YOU – nothing compares.

You have absolutely NO competition. You are absolutely unique. The best!

OK – You read it right …..


SO why is it we struggle to convince others… you should use our services, hear our oppinions, pay us to help, because we can provide just what you need……. STOP – STOP – STOP

WOW – You know what that is?

It’s telling others that allthough we do not believe in and trust our own services, messages or ability to help, we want YOU to believe in and trust us……..  and we replaced our beautiful “transformation into a butterfly”, with “thinking inside the box” – reentering the world of mediocrity and becomming one with the masses.

SO please – Tune in on your own freequency – claim back what is rightfully yours – YOU – and dare BE YOU……then you have 


What’s your take on this – how are you doing on “being yourself”?

Lots of LOVE to YOU!!!

Lene Jytte Hansen

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