27 Feb

Albert Einstein - If you cant explain it simply you dont understand it well enough


If you have something GREAT – you do not need to convince others you do – let it speak for it’self – and instead of adding unnessasary talk – deliver and


Lene Jytte Hansen

Einstein’s Formula for Success
by Ron White

Albert Einstein had a formula for success. Can you believe that? One of the greatest minds of all time developed a math formula for success! I suggest you read this carefully—this may be the most important math equation you will ever see.

Einstein said

 “If A equals success, then the formula is:


X is work.
Y is play.

Z is keep your mouth shut.”

Einstein no doubt had an excellent sense of humor. Let’s look at the 3 variables in this equation. They are:

1. Work
2. Play
3. Keeping your mouth shut!

1. Work:

Albert Einstein had a tremendous work ethic and because of that gave more to society and modern science than any person in recent times.

2. Play:

Einstein, however, did not work 24 hours a day and made time for fun and relaxation. His idea of fun may have been different than yours, but that doesn’t mean it still wasn’t play.

3. Keeping your mouth shut:

Finally, my favorite part of his success formal is to

keep your mouth shut.

I genuinely believe that

the person who talks the least says the most.

A friend of mine complains that the woman he is dating talks too much.

I don’t know how to break the news to him;

The problem is not that she talks too much.

It simply is the fact that he is irritated that he isn’t able to talk.

Now, let me just say this is not a generic man and woman statement. I am speaking about a specific person I know.

His desire is to constantly talk and because he likes to talk so much, he will talk in circles. If you let him talk long enough he will repeat the same thing three times and then contradict himself. His desire is not to hear but to be heard.

Albert Einstein, on the other hand, had nothing to prove.

He felt no need to be the “Chatty Cathy” he could have been with his knowledge. It wasn’t important to him to talk to everyone he met and talk over their heads to demonstrate his IQ.

Instead, he learned

the value of quietness



Shift your mindset from being a talker to a listener.

It has been said that you can make more friends in five minutes by becoming interested in others than you can make in five years of trying to get others interested in you!

How do you become interested in others?

You ask questions and then keep your mouth shut!


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