Are You Confusing “Nice” with Something Else? by Bob Burg

12 Mar

Got his AWESOME article from

Bob Burg  today.

Bob is one of my ABSOLUTELY FAVORITE persons walking this planet!!!!! He has really “GOT IT” regarding how to behave and how to treat eachother in life. A true Go-Giver, wich also is the name of one of my favorite books from Bob Burg.

Bob Burg The Go-Giver

Here is the link to the article:

AND here is the article:

Do you ever hear people say things like, “that person is too nice.” Usually, the context is that, “he or she is so nice that they are constantly being taken advantage of.”

Please understand this is based on the very false premise that “nice” and “taken advantage of” have anynatural correlation. They do not.

Don’t confuse being nice with being a doormat. If you are nice AND being taken advantage of, it’s not because you are nice. It’s because you are allowing yourself to be taken advantage of.

If this seems to happen to you on a regular basis, begin to operate from a place of conscious awareness; ask yourself, do I simply not know how to tactfully (but effectively) set boundaries and say no?

Or, is there an “emotional payoff” to allowing myself to be taken advantage of?

Remember, while “nice/kind” is a natural state of being…being taken advantage of is not.

Please do not confuse the two. How are you doing in this regard?

GREAT right!

I LOVE this topic and here is what I wrote to my dear friend.

Hello Bob! :)
This is SOOO true. I made that mistake earlier in my life – I had that misunderstanding, that you had to agree to be nice!!!! SO I did what I learned from home – were nice and by that tried to please everyone.
A LOT of grown-ups live with this misunderstanding most of their life!
In my oppinion – I’m always nice (almost always) – but I definately don’t agree on every ones oppinion – that IS 2 completely different things – GREAT topic Bob! LOVE it (and you my dear friend). And I LOVE your comparence with the consciousness. You cannot be taken advantage of unless you give your consent – and in my oppinion that is very BAD behavior and actually lying to the person you let DO this and cheating on yourself. That is treason towards yourself and your fellow beings!!!! And yes – It’s definately linked to mediocre success and mindset and is full of people that want to take advantage of you.
Successful people don’t need to take advantage – they have achieved the power of strength to even make others “SEE” this viewpoint is the true energy source – that never runs out or gets smaller by using it – it’s without limits!!!! This “without limits is by the way a common denominator” for this level of living – you tap into a pool of limitless energy, ideas and enlightment.
I’m definately not always “there” but I’ve tasted it too many times to ignore this as a fact. It’s just how it is – believe it or not.
Being kind can even saying NO as you also sugest. GOSH I think I could continue talking about this for hours – Bob IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL – LOVE LIFE because of this and now I know I’m getting there, because now I recognise it.


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