♥ I DID IT ♥

26 Apr

♥ I would LOVE to experience free fall together with other jumpers

Until now I only tried to jump on my own – and it’s AWESOME ♥

I have experiences the amazing feeling of close to 1 minute free fall – and it’s beyond describtion – you have to experience it for yourself.

We talk a lot of confronting your fear and how fear only excist int the mind

jumping out of and airplain most definately have tought me, what it really means to

face your fear

and how illogical fear is.

After 60 jumps I would have thought my fear had taken off – but NO.

Scared to death every time.

The funny thing is, that my fear was from the moment I had to start putting on my gear, the walk to the airplane, the flight up, comeletely dry in the mouth, black spots in front of my eyes, not capable of 1 straight thought, close to panic.

BUT then I open the door 3.2 km up in the air at put my feet out and sliding out hanging under the wing of the airplane and the fear has wanished by DOing it, reaching the point of NO RETURN. Then letting go and stabilizing in the free fall


And at the end standing on the ground being able to say


You yourself feels 3.2 km tall.

Besides you can all the time get better at this sport and it’s definately also a teamactivity to become successful

Just like in Network Marketing.

Watch this video and get a feeling of what I’m talking about

Formation Jumping

Lene Jytte Hansen


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