Risky is the New Safe by Randy Gage

8 May

Risky is the new safe

Product Description


Risky Is the New Safe is a different kind of book for a different kind of thinking—a thought-provoking manifesto for risk takers. It will challenge you to think laterally, question premises, and be a contrarian.

Disruptive technology, accelerating speed of change and economic upheaval are changing the game. The same tired, old conventional thinking won’t get you to success today. Risky Is the New Safe will change the way you look at everything! You’ll view challenges—and the corresponding opportunities they provide—in entirely new and exciting ways. You’ll recognize powerful new gateways to creating wealth.

In this mind-bending book you’ll discover:

  • How mavericks like Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, and Mark Cuban think differently—and what you can learn from them;
  • The six-month online course that could allow you to earn more than a Ph.D.;
  • How social media changes branding and marketing forever, and what that means for you;
  • What happens when holo-suites and virtual-reality sex come about, and how you need to prepare;
  • The new religion of ideas: How to become an “idea generator” and declare as a free agent; and,
  • What will cause the Euro, precious metals, and oceanfront real estate to collapse—and how that can make you rich!

Product Details

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #47870 in Books
  • Published on: 2012-10-23
  • Original language: English
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 8.74″ h x .71″ w x 5.47″ l, .66 pounds
  • Binding: Hardcover
  • 143 pages

Editorial Reviews

Amazon.com Review

“Asking the Right Question” by Randy Gage, Author of Risky Is the New Safe

Randy Gage

Randy Gage

Here’s a sampling of some near-future scenarios–and some of the questions they raise. Most important is knowing the difference between asking the wrong question, versus the better one you should ask instead. The risk takers who ask–and are then able to answer–these questions, will be the next generation of dot-com billionaires, political leaders and entrepreneurial visionaries.

Questions for Society as a Whole:

  • Wrong question: What percentage of GDP should a country’s deficit be?
  • Better question: Is there some reason to think the laws of arithmetic don’t apply to governments?

Questions for Entrepreneurs and Leaders:

  • Wrong question: Will the euro really collapse?
  • Better questions: When the euro collapses, what will that mean for other currencies? And what will those currency fluctuations mean for the value of precious metals? What will happen to the value of precious metals when asteroid mining makes it cheaper to bring them to earth than mine them from the earth?

Questions for Marketers:

  • Wrong question: How do I protect my brand?
  • Better question: Since it’s virtually impossible to protect a brand in the new space, what are the best ways to harness social media and web 3.0 to monitor and influence our brand real time?

Questions for Parents & Educators:

  • Wrong question: Where will we find the money for our kid’s college education?
  • Better question: Is there a six- or nine-month certification program would be more lucrative to my child than an MBA or even a PhD degree?

From the Inside Flap

The financial system is in shambles, disruptive technology is eliminating millions of jobs, and entire economies are failing. Things have changed and they’re never going back. This calamitous transformation is creating new and more daunting challenges—and great opportunities.

Risky is the New Safe lays out thought leader Randy Gage’s bold vision for how to prosper in the new economy. Gage reveals the tumultuous changes taking place in business, technology, and the economy—and the extraordinary challenges they are creating. More importantly, he shows how to turn those challenges into lucrative opportunities.

You’ll learn which jobs and business models will disappear forever, and how to position yourself to thrive in the emerging business cycles. You’ll discover how to think differently and develop the same mindset the world’s highest achievers harness for success.

From monkeys replacing human laborers to cloning, ocean-floor real estate development to asteroid mining, virtual-reality sex to holosuites, Gage provides fascinating insights into what the future holds and how people and companies can best prepare for it. You’ll discover why following conventional thinking will lead to failure, and how becoming a contrarian and critical thinker will allow you to create wealth.

From the Back Cover
Praise for Risky is the New Safe

Risky is the New Safe is eye opening, mind blowing, and gut real. It gives you a step-by-step blueprint for succeeding in today’s new world. If you are an entrepreneur, a businessperson, or want to create wealth in your life, you HAVE to read this book!”
T. HARV EKER, author of New York Times #1 bestseller Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

“Holy crap, I love this book! It’s smart, entertaining and best of all, made me re-think my life and my business. That’s a winning combination I find irresistible.”
LARRY WINGET, five-time New York Times / Wall Street Journal bestselling author, including the #1 bestseller, Shut Up, Stop Whining, and Get a Life!

“Couldn’t take my eyes off this great freaking book! Risky is the New Safe is a combination of Buffett, Springsteen, Rand, and Patton. Randy Gage is the ranking intellect of prosperity in our time, and only Luddites will ignore him. He has, yet again, written of the promise of abundance, the appeal of change, and the vast value of new and emerging relationships. There’s nothing risky about buying this book except forgetting to do anything else while you’re engrossed in it.”
ALAN WEISS, PhD, author of The Consulting Bible and Thrive!: Stop Wishing Your Life Away

Disruptive technology, accelerating speed of change, and economic upheaval are changing the game. The same tired, conventional thinking won’t get you to success today. Risky is the New Safe is a different kind of book for a different kind of thinking. It’s a thought-provoking manifesto for risk takers. It will change the way you look at everything. You’ll stop seeing challenges as obstacles—and instead recognize the opportunities they provide!


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