The Power of a Dream..

18 May

Making the first Circle Work


Had to share these BEAUTIFUL words from Randy Gage with you my friends.
It’s from his book “Making the First Circle work”

LOVE to you and


Lene Jytte Hansen

The Power of a Dream..

We talk a lot about dreams in our business.

This is necessary because it is our dream that will cause us to find the time to find the time, face the fear, and persevere through the chalenges.
You must be willing to fight for your dreams against the negative of the heard.

Reduce your time with the dream stealers.

Be the number one investor in your dream.

If you don’t invest in yourself, it’s propably a bad investment for anyone else.

Feed your dream on a daily basis.

Spend more on your selfdevelopment than you do at the coffee shop.

Build your own dream in stead of borrowing the dreams of others.

Feel it, taste it, smell it.

Build a dream so compelling it pulls you towards it in your consciousness.

Your dream need to be as big as you are.

And if you make it bigger, it makes you bigger.


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