The Social Network Empire Avenue.

5 Aug

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How can someone compare Mafia Wars with the Social Network Empire Avenue??? – UNBELIEVEABLE!

They do not have a clue what valueable tool they have in their hands with Empire Avenue! Now that is just MY opinion, and every person is entiteled to their own opinion on this!!!

WE CREATE RELATIONSHIPS BY INVESTING and do all we can to help those grow, that show consistency – are trustworthy – truthfull – positive – want to help others to success. Empire Avenue show a persons potential to create and uphold a relationship – friendship – business – and the potentional to BE SUCCESSFUL!

And we have to respect it as such!

And by peoples behavior toward others and yourself, you get to evaluate and ask yourself the questions:

Is this the kind of person I want to attract into my life?

Is this the kind of person I want as my friend?

Is this the kind of person I want to have on my team?

Is this the kind of person I want to do business with?

We have some of the GREATEST and most SUCCESSFUL Leaders of the world on Empire Avenue because ALL these GREAT leaders KNOW and can SEE this!

People like Randy Gage and Art Jonak, to mention a few, do not waste their precious time every day with “just a game”.

They use it to create success for both others and themselves, and to show how this can be done.

THIS is the opportunity we are offered with Empire Avenue!

Nothing less

Lene Jytte Hansen


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