“What is true happiness?” – #LeadWithLove

29 Sep


We all are involved in creating a life with the focus on


and as long as there are not serious problems most of us would say

“we are living just that “

utill that day where we encounter HUGE chalenges – or have to confront huge FEARS

“moving outside our comfort zone”

THEN and only then we get the answer from our own heart to that question!

That is also why it is SO important to chalenge ourselves

move outside our comfort zones

DARE “change”

DARE “confront our fears”

DARE “dream big” and “go for it!”

For it’s become my

“Life Goal” and “Life Style”

to do all I can to let my heart lead and be the foundation of everything I do – and to help others achieve success by doing that. I just got an answer to the question “What is true happiness?”

This lady one day found her husband lifeless on the kitchenfloor, with a heartstop – and had to call 911 to get help to revive her husband – and working together as a team they succeeded!

Her answer comes here:

“Happiness is to see my husband sit playing with our 3 year old daughter Leonory”

This touched her heart with so great impact, that she cried when she told that.

Going for the spectacular makes us focus on the true values of life!

NOW it’s our task to provide the best options, to be able to achieve the true values!

NOT the mediocre options – but the options that “beyond any doubts”

will provide these “invalueable moments”, of “true values of life”

SO it’s quite a task you put uppon yourself – when you truely choose to

live a life where you


Lene Jytte Hansen



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