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Have The Courage To Walk Through Your Fears!

15 Sep

We all hear from successful leaders how important it is to

first accept where we are

second to move outside of our comfort zone

to move towards our dreams, goals and a happy life. And that requires


so here is my wish for YOU

May you have the courage

Thank’s for sharing this quote to  “Soul On Fire”

Lene Jytte Hansen


Change What You Are Giving

15 Sep

Do you get what you want in life?

Or do you feel that life gives you somethings you don’t want?

If you don’t


Change what you are giving

Thank’s for sharing to  “Soul On Fire”

Lene Jytte Hansen


15 Sep

Are you judgemental?


Well here is a very good advice of why it is important to change your viewpoint on this. Remember when you judge others, it tells all about YOU, and nothing about the person judged.

Dont Judge

Thank’s to “Soul On Fire” for sharing this quote.

Lene Jytte Hansen
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